European network for innovative recovery strategies of rare earth and other Critical metals from electrical and electronic waste

Young researchers 


The group of Young Researchers (YRs) includes Early Career Investigators (ECI) and PhD students involved in the Action. Main aim of the group is the creation of a network in which early stage researchers can acquire a broader viewpoint of WEEE as a resource, working in a wider interdisciplinary context that will also address the formation of their own professional profile. YRs are in contact to exchange experiences as well as to keep informed about relevant ongoing activities. In order to support networking among YRs, the group Young ReCreew is active on LinkedIn. Moreover specific sessions as well as science communication during either ReCreew meeting or conferences are intended to be proposed. The group is expected to come up with suggestions and ideas contributing to reach the Action objectives and to this end YRs will: i) participate in Training Schools and Short Term Scientific Missions, ii) actively participate in WGs (i.e. acting as scientific secretariat, ), iii) present research outcomes as well as iv) identify activities relevant to the Action that can widen the cooperation to other YR groups with similar research interests.








The group of Young Researchers aims at creating a network involving early stage researchers that work in the field of WEEE management and related areas. The group is thus intended to:


  • foster interaction among YRs
  • enhance experience and information exchange
  • promote wider cooperation in an
    interdisciplinary context




Leader of Young Researchers Group
Dr. Alessandra Cesaro


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