European network for innovative recovery strategies of rare earth and other Critical metals from electrical and electronic waste

Working Group 5 


The main deliverable from WG 5 will be a guideline for appropriate WEEE management in an LCA perspective with specific focus on CM recovery.


To enable this, a number of tasks will be carried out. The quality of data found in WGs 1-4 must be assessed with regards to minimum criteria of emissions that must be included in all comparisons. Processes that are documented in WGs 1-4 will be screened with the full range of impacts. The screening of the processes will be used to create a “hotspot” analysis of all processes throughout the EEE process chain to establish an overall understanding of benefits and drawbacks of collection, pre-treatment and advanced treatment processes.


Finally a qualitatively guideline will be developed to link the design phase to the recovery of CM in the waste management phase. The goal is to ensure that knowledge on how easy the CM can be recovered in the treatment stage is communicated back to the designers. The effort is mainly to collate and report the findings of WGs 1, 3, 4. The guideline will cover recovery from a mass perspective as well as the quality of the recovered materials (i.e. purity rate and contaminants). Legal requirements enclosed in WG1 and standards regarding LCA (ISO:14040-14044) will be included and followed.









  • Establish an overview of LCA in relation to WEEE.
  • Define data specifications for LCA of WEEE.
  • Identify “hot spots” by impact assessment throughout the process chain.
  • Develop a guideline for LCA of EEE.
  • Assess the potential for recovery of CMs, versus content in the upstream products.



WG5 leader Prof. Thomas Astrup


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