European network for innovative recovery strategies of rare earth and other Critical metals from electrical and electronic waste

Working Group 4 


Advanced methods for an appropriate extraction of Critical metals (CM) need to be investigated and options for further improvements need to be reviewed. Currently, different hydrometallurgical and pyrometallurgical processes are applied solely to recover base metals and precious metals. The development of advanced treatment technologies for CM can be based on the current metallurgical approaches. Additionally, innovative techniques such as bio-sorption of metals by means of algae as well as bioleaching have to be investigated. Activities within WG 4 aim to evaluate innovative advanced treatments and refining processes. Recommendations for framework conditions and accompanying measures will be elaborated.  


Such an aspect in the present context will enable:


  • To understand the characterization aspects of e-wastes that will help in providing better understanding of their nature and the type of treatment to be adopted.
  • To study and understand the advances made towards the leaching methods such as chemical and biological approaches of metal recovery.
  • To understand several parameters affecting such leaching performances.
  • To advance knowledge on the composition of the metal content in leachate either chemical or biological. Further actions can be possible to discuss and integrate novel techniques such bioleaching and bio-sortion (through microalgal tretaments) of metals.








  • Description and feasibility of applicable processes for increased CM recovery rates.
  • Elaboration of recommendations for further research and technology development.
  • Information exchange with stakeholders and policy makers in order to define suitable accompanying measures.
  • Information exchange with stakeholder and policies for accompanying measures.



WG4 leader Prof. Ata Akcil


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