European network for innovative recovery strategies of rare earth and other Critical metals from electrical and electronic waste

Working Group 2 


The activities within WG 2 aim to the elaboration of recommendations for an optimisation of WEEE collection and management. Collection represents the initial though fundamental stage in the recovery process since it has a significant influence on both compilation and concentration of CM. Therefore, emphasis will be given to the identification of WEEE streams containing high CM concentrations under consideration of the applied collection system and WEEE grouping.


To accomplish the aims of WG 2, different studies on collection systems will be reviewed, characterised and compared. State-of-the-art collection systems are again evaluated in view of the CM acquisition efficiency. The evaluation of the collection systems will take into account organisational issues such as management, funding, public responsibility, commercial systems, bring or pick-up collection quota, costs, future trends (deposit, take back), challenges and risks (e.g. associated to special WEEE fractions like Li-batteries, night storage heater, PV, and etc.), technical realisation and efficiency. Furthermore, the reallocation of WEEE in adjusted collection groups is subject of the evaluation.  











WG2 leader Prof. Katia Lasaridi


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