European network for innovative recovery strategies of rare earth and other Critical metals from electrical and electronic waste

Working Group 1 


The activities of WG 1 aim to the collection and maintenance of data related to CM and EEE/WEEE. The data will be stored in a database which forms the core for networking activities and provide a collection of technical information, processes as well as recommendations.


The database comprises:


  • contact information about researchers and research groups in the field
  • links to publications and patents related to CM in EEE and WEEE
  • links to analysis techniques and reviews
  • links to fact sheets and legislations
  • links to information platforms
  • links to study programs and Training Schools
  • information about products and electrical components including their CM contents


In order to allow for the modest collection and maintenance of information, automatic data exchange and their wide spread use, this Action will adhere to the following principles:


  • Standardisation: The database structure will follow standards as much as possible. For the research entity and publication information, CERIF (Common European Research Information Format) maintained by euroCRIS (The European Organisation for International Research Information) will be used []
  • Compatibility: The WEEE database is attended to achieving the maximum compatibility with existing databases like e.g. MoveRec to enable an undisturbed information exchange
  • Open access: Reading access to the data base is open for all interested parties. Access is provided by a browser interface. In addition, web services will allow to access the data automatically and to use it for other projects as well as for automatic data analysis and data mining. Writing access to the database requires specific user privileges and is controlled by this Action.




A periodic table NEW
A periodic table compiling data on element criticality has been created by the Cascade Use Research Group at Oldenburg University which is one of the ReCreew project partners. If you are looking for general information on elements or more detailed information on criticality and supply, click on this link to discover more.


The main objective of WG1 is the development of a pan-European WEEE database to enhance the availability and accessibility of data about the potential of CM in various WEEE components and fractions for supporting further knowledge transfer and cooperation with related international projects.



WG1 leader Dr. Alexandra Pehlken


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